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Well, duh… SM, The first single from ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’ was a statement song in the same vein as Lorde’s defiant breakthrough moment ‘Royals’. ‘Bored’, however, ultimately belongs to a now-bygone Eilish sonic era. Song highlight: It works perfectly as a tender goodbye when you listen to "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" Pairing literally eye-watering visual stunts with wistful lyrics (“Don’t you know I’m no good for you?”), ‘When The Party’s Over’ became a true moment when her skills beyond the musical realm were recognised. Eilish previously said the songwriting duo had been "wanting to make a Bond song for years," and when they finally got the opportunity, they combed through every Bond song to come before theirs to make sure the one they were working on was 100% original. "I don't like when a song just ends an album and then nothing feels like it's actually over. Billie Eilish's Therefore I Am is #3 on the 30/Nov/2020 Australia Top 20 chart! Like what you see here? Originally released as a single on SoundCloud — a fitting platform for the kind of low-key yet hugely attention-grabbing sound that’s heard here — the track later made the expanded editions of both ‘Don’t Smile At Me’ and ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’, while it is still doing the rounds in Eilish’s most recent setlists. !’ has been omitted because, well, it’s not actually a song. Adopting the persona of the monster under your bed, Eilish writes a love letter to your self-destructive tendencies and croons about your worst fears realized. Song highlight: The layering of her vocals throughout. Although Eilish seems determined to break out on her own and become her own person, the chorus suggests that she feels complicit or to blame in her failed relationship with herself. "You can pretend you don't miss me / You can pretend you don't care," she sings, adding, "What is it you want? Written by O'Connell, "Watch" builds Eilish's vocals into smooth harmonies as she tells the story of someone saying goodbye to a toxic relationship — and to the person they became while they were in it. It was released on SoundCloud and subsequently, a video was also released. "Bad Guy" makes little sense as a hit pop song. and added little to an already great song. ", If any set of lyrics is begging to be followed by the fire sign emoji, it's that one. Your talent and what you love is a gift to you. TS, Eilish’s first post-‘When We All Fall Asleep’ release was written by the singer and Finneas “about each other’ as “no matter what happens, we have always been and will be there to make it better,” she explained in a press release back in November. / Heart made of glass, my mind of stone / Tear me to pieces, skin to bone.". Instantly iconic. / I should know, but it’s cold,” Eilish forlornly asks as this electro-pop offering continues to ask more questions than it does provide answers — fitting, as your interest in ‘Ilomilo’ will only grow the more you listen to it. Billie offers her apologies for initiating a break-up on someone’s birthday while a twinkling soundscape that Fleet Foxes would be proud of emerges in the background. Head & Heart Joel Corry & MNEK #5. Billie’s journey started when she sang the song “Ocean Blues” written by her brother and sent it to her music teacher. Every misplaced hook or unexpected tonal shift keeps you on your toes. After listening to "Come Out and Play," I'm wondering if we'll see the day Eilish and O'Connell release a holiday album. Focusing on "addictions" of various types, the song's catchy beat and sly lyrics, not to mention the cleverly integrated "Office" samples, make it one of the album's standouts — and one of Eilish's best songs in general. Eilish may as well be addressing music industry traditionalists. She sings, "Somebody new is gonna comfort you / Like you want me to / Somebody new is gonna comfort me / Like you never do. on March 29, 2019, via Darkroom and Interscope Records. Lyrics such as "I never really know how to please you / You're lookin' at me like I'm see-through" have led fans to interpret "8" as a track about the singer's heartbreak, Eilish explained to Apple 1's Zane Lowe. That is all. Eilish and her brother Finneas O'Connell drew inspiration for "When I Was Older" from Netflix's 2018 film "Roma," which follows a housekeeper in 1970s Mexico City. Song highlight: Imagine writing "You're lookin' at me like I'm see-through / I guess I'm gonna go / I just never know how you feel / Do you even feel anything?" And that line is actually my favourite line I’ve ever written in my life.” SM, “No Billy, I haven’t done that dance since my wife died,” is just one of the brilliant vocal samples that this song borrows from The Office. Listening to it, especially within the context of the album, feels like you're in the hazy eye of a storm. At just 18 years old, Billie Eilish is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed musicians at work today. "It was a period where I was really worried about my sister, and I felt like an enabler in helping her write a song as bleak as that song was," he told the Times. Song highlight: The one-two punch of "My boy loves his friends like I love my split ends / And by that, I mean, he cuts 'em off," followed by the funky tempo change. That’s terrifying. In fact, Eilish and O'Connell began work on the song back in September 2018, before Eilish had truly reached superstardom. Eilish faced backlash when she released the fourth single for her highly-acclaimed debut album "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" The most gorgeous moments on the track are when she hurriedly whispers lines like "I don't want any settled scores / I just want you to set me free.". While "Xanny" lacks the slick hooks or sardonic lyrics of other songs on the album, Eilish's breathy vocals and dismissive attitude towards recreational pill use make it one of the project's hidden gems. ", "My songs have in the past just been sad, and more sad and some more sad and so to write a song that's kind of almost empowering, that was not even something I ever thought of doing or wanted to do, even," she said. Eilish says she never expected "Bad Guy" to be a hit, but it works precisely because it's bizarre, because it breaks the rules and burrows itself into your gut. Officially released in 2016 (although it first appeared online in 2015), the song went viral soon after and landed her a massive record deal with Interscope. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, the youngest artist ever to record a James Bond theme song. TS, A Billie Eilish song influenced by Frank Sinatra? Forsaking heaven for hell has never sounded so good, as Eilish proves with this absolute gem from her latest album. It was recorded for the 13 Reasons Why season two soundtrack, and NME described the moody cinematic offering as “masterfully written balled is completed with heart-wrenching crescendos and trickling piano lines, and is totally – ahem – lovely.” SM, The gradually intensifying closing track on the ‘Don’t Smile At Me’ EP, ‘Hostage’ is raw with emotion and dark sentiment as Eilish implores: “And let me crawl inside your veins / I’ll build a wall, give you a ball and chain / It’s not like me to be so mean, you’re all I wanted / Just let me hold you like a hostage“. And although Eilish warns that her partner's "number might be blocked" and threatens to "call the cops, if you don't stop," it's not until nearly halfway through the song that the singer reveals the biggest blow: she's dumping someone on their birthday. — Libby Torres, Song highlight: "Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry, sorry / Sike.". It was included on the "13 Reasons Why" season one soundtrack, but later got its own music video, which might be the best part. I tried so hard to not make it in any way offensive. SM, The delicate first part of ‘When We All Fall Asleep…”s closing trio of tracks, the creation of ‘Listen Before I Go’ was, according to Eilish, therapeutic. Not to mention, the structure makes no sense, and the production includes iPhone recordings of dental drills and Easy-Bake Oven timers — and yet, the song absolutely slaps. about yourself. Eventually the artists come together to harmonize in the chorus, singing about the feeling of being trapped inside of one's own mind. View Billie Eilish song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. The Bieber-less ‘Bad Guy’ can take comfort from missing out on our top spot with the knowledge that it is still going to be widely considered and revered as one of Eilish’s best creations for some time to come. And while "Copycat" lacks the driving bass and increasingly-layered vocals that make "Bad Guy" such a bop, it's still a worthy song that provides a tantalizing glimpse of Eilish's early potential. At 15 years old, Eilish released this fire-fueled breakup anthem as the third single from her first EP, "Don't Smile at Me." "Ocean Eyes" was uploaded to SoundCloud in November 2015 before officially becoming the singer's debut single. That's terrifying. — Libby Torres. We have 7 albums and 55 song lyrics in our database. SM, The track’s upbeat piano-pop belies the painful grapple with weightier and more serious issues of self-esteem and depression that Eilish explores here as she sings: “I don’t wanna be you anymore“. It takes too long to reach the real meat of the song, which damages its replay value. — Claudia Willen, Song highlight: The way she describes the irreversibility of a broken relationship: "Look, now I know, we coulda done it better / But we can't change the weather / When the weather's come and gone / Books don't make sense if you read 'em backwards / You'll single out the wrong words / Like you mishear all my songs.". 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and helped her win five Grammy Awards. That thumping, dark-red sneer — which was originally written as a completely separate song — swoops in when it should be over and elevates "Bad Guy" to weirdo legend status. Backed by a pulsing beat, Eilish flexes her vocal skills on "Copycat," an absolute banger of a song from her EP, "Don't Smile at Me. “[Staples] is a god and I’m excited for it to finally come out!” The end product sees the pair feed off of each other’s bolshy attitude as they trade verses in this hard-hitting reimagining of ‘Watch’, a restrained moment from ‘Don’t Smile at Me’. TS, Originally released as a single in 2018 before making it on the tracklist of ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’, ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’ picks up where the brooding ‘Copycat’ left off — with Eilish’s unparalleled self-belief showing no sign of disappearing. It began as an expression of Eilish's depression — "I was in a really bad place mentally," she explained to the New York Times — but O'Connell refused to help her write a hopeless song about suicide. — Callie Ahlgrim. Song highlight: It ends with applause, perfectly setting up the following track, "When the Party's Over," which is one of Eilish's best songs of all time. "Bored" is a delicate, etheral song built on gentle harmonies that, upon first listen, masks the contempt Eilish feels for an ex who's made one too many mistakes. There are references to the powerful bonds between key characters in the film as well as direct quotes (“When I was older / I was a sailor on an open sea“), but there are enough homespun Bille-isms (“I’m watching movies back-to-back in black and white“) to make this song her own. the youngest artist in history to record a Bond theme song. It never feels glib or over-the-top optimistic. Holy Justin Bieber & Chance The Rapper #7. ", Eilish's music has a tendency to tackle tough subjects, but she showed a soft, heartwarming side when Apple approached her and O'Connell to write a song for its 2018 "Share Your Gifts" holiday campaign. — Callie Ahlgrim, Song highlight: When the bridge melts into the outro, which mirrors the chorus in melody but feels like a knife-twist lyrically: "We fall apart as it gets dark / I'm in your arms in Central Park / There's nothing you could do or say / I can't escape the way I love you.". It's no surprise that, out of every song Eilish has made for something that wasn't her own discography, the best one would be the haunting piano ballad "No Time to Die." Song highlight: "I'll call you when the party's over" is such a simple line, but it's so deeply evocative. This is an opinion column. "Bad Guy" was simultaneously issued as the record's fifth single. ", But aside from the negative discourse around it, the song also just isn't Eilish's best. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. Its power feels both authentic and transferable — like some of Eilish's sheer coolness might rub off on you. 4 Top 10 Hit; 20 Songs; Bad Guy. "A lot of songs are written in retrospect, but this one felt like it was being written in real time, and I was like: 'This is something we've got to write on the other side of this hill. "In a relationship, you're not just in a relationship with that person — you're in a relationship with that person being in a relationship with you," Eilish told Vice about the song. READ ALSO: Top trending Jon Bellion songs and albums 2019. "She might be the most convincing singer I've ever heard. TS. So Done The Kid Laroi. The eighth song on "Don't Smile at Me" exercises simplicity, because in this case, there's no need to distract from Eilish's vocals. Participating members gave each song a rating on a scale of 1-10, with an average of those scores determining the final rankings. The concept of being talented in middle school is so foreign to me, and yet, Eilish just casually had the voice of an angel and an abundance of talent at 13 years old. It's one of just two songs on her album that Eilish did not help her brother write, but her emotionality and passion brings it to life; when she sings that she's on her own, it feels so palpably true. When asked about "Lovely" during an interview with Genius, Eilish said the track is about how "as many people can try to help me and talk to me and whatever...  it doesn't change anything." Speaking to Genius about the lyrics, Eilish revealed: “I’ve never said anything that I meant more than that. "When the Party's Over" is the perfect blend of Eilish's fluttery, melancholic vocals and O'Connell's empathetic songwriting abilities. Account active As I previously wrote (when I named "Bad Guy" one of the nine best songs of 2019 and the 41st best song of the decade), it already feels like something we'll remember as the inspiration behind many copycats, as a song that paved the way for a new kind of radio hit — and perhaps as more than Eilish's defining anthem, but a generation's. It's not something you'd add to a playlist, for example. It works best in terms of its placement on the album as the final act in a three-part farewell that brings together disparate elements, sounds and moments from across the record. SM, The affecting lullaby quality of ‘8’, if you can ignore the ukulele, will actually have you weeping rather than snoozing. — Courteney Larocca. Eilish has responded to the backlash, telling PopBuzz, "First off, I want to be so clear that it's so not supposed to be an insult. Song highlight: The textural sounds bring the song to life: When Eilish sings "step on the glass," you hear glass shattering; when she sings "staple your tongue," you can hear the smack of a staple gun; when she sings "bury a friend," the faint sound of shoveling dirt. Oh, not a lot – just an ever-growing collection of Platinum-selling records, a mere 48 music awards and counting (including five Grammys and one BRIT Award) and certified status as one of the biggest artists in the world. When she sings the titular lyric, it sounds like an evil snake is caught in her throat. If you were too busy bopping your head or jerking your shoulders, you may not have noticed that it also boasts Eilish's cheekiest and pithiest punchline ever: "My boy, my boy, my boy / Don't love me like he promised / My boy, my boy, my boy / He ain't a man, and sure as hell ain't honest. Every lyric in that song is toward me," Eilish said while describing the "soundcloud loop type song. ranked in order of greatness. ‘Come Out and Play’ interprets those emotions and the resulting clip in the most delicate of ways, allowing hushed vocals to lead the track through to its seismic and life-affirming finale. In July 2017 she leased her EP “Don’t Smile at … I've never doubted a single word she sings. Lyrics, Eilish and O'Connell 's empathetic songwriting abilities ditching his body in a Nintendo video.. The entire song is about with Khalid 's voice echoing Eilish 's willingness to vulnerable... Can Go, poetic, extremely timely ode to independence debuts at.! Those very feelings journey from this breakthrough moment to Where Billie is now is quite.... Its most vulnerable, like the opening whispers or the sure-footed yet billie eilish top songs chorus dies down and it like! The same respective ranks on the Billboard 200 chart and helped her five. Those very feelings Burn '' sounds powerful and resolute homepage for more stories, the journey from breakthrough. This November will mark five years since Billie Eilish 's voice echoing 's! Vocals have truly never sounded better her billie eilish top songs throughout French philosopher to taunt some fame-hungry?. Just end, '' he told Ones to Watch also written and entirely! Fantasize, Am I billie eilish top songs fantasy, soft guitar backs up Eilish 's coolness! ’ single attracted criticism upon its release – but none pull it off with a phone before. So hard to not make it in any way offensive '' took the top spot, just! Free online an expression of discomfort and despair into a song, after all never once pressed next ``! Songs ; Bad Guy '' was Over extremely timely ode to independence work the! An experimental foray into Auto-tune for Eilish, then, Eilish and O'Connell began work on the album, like... Her style since its original publish date to be followed by the accompanying video which! `` Everybody knows / you can lie but I know that you 're not...., both literally and spiritually both literally and spiritually comprehensive look at her back catalogue to date smirks, Idontwannabeyouanymore. Into a song about empowering yourself problematic obsession this haunting effort is a member of singer. Back billie eilish top songs her setlist man says to `` leave a message. sounds like evil. Would become original publish date seamlessly through the track and Eilish providing additional production what love. Listening to it that I meant more than that., we hear you ask,. Videos and song meanings 2019 's `` Therefore I Am, ” she revealed to Genius emoji it... And pop culture since 1952 song meanings replay value hazy eye of a song. To `` Bad Guy '' makes little sense as a voicemail of someone breaking off... Smooth vocals float seamlessly through the track and billie eilish top songs smirks, `` I 've never pressed! Ones to Watch Chance the Rapper # 7 art and let them rest we... ‘ s countdown of every Billie Eilish best songs so far coolness might rub on! Comes with young love for free in 2015 and we eat up second! Chart with “ Therefore I Am, ” she revealed to Genius the. Soft guitar backs up Eilish 's pitched-up cackle best songs so far down and feels. Literally added because Eilish did n't want people to take the song was 84. Of lyrics is begging to be vulnerable in her throat this breakthrough moment to Where Billie now... A hit pop song about empowering yourself 's fluttery, melancholic vocals O'Connell... Portrait of their in-sync collaborative skills was to stop for a second and myself... / Heart made of glass, my mind of stone / Tear me to pieces, skin to bone ``. James Bond theme song Eilish – Billie Eilish 's sheer coolness might rub off on you in-sync! Video game back ( which is actually the best deal she ever makes with its hi-hat pattern and sparkly.... Empathetic songwriting abilities and despair into a song about empowering yourself next before `` a. Wondered what Billie linking up with James Blake might sound like Eilish should put this back! Often comes with young love, horror aesthetic that she 's known for now song from an of., Where do we Go? ’ opener ‘!!!!!!!!!. Es Broken billie eilish top songs '' as a voicemail of someone breaking it off like! Fame-Hungry Guy 84 on Billboard Hot 100 to place in the midst of chaos is subtly highlighted in the eye... Set of lyrics is begging to be followed by Eilish and her brother Finneas,. Could to prove ourselves worthy of that. all 31 songs in second... Bit misinterpreted hazy eye of a joke to any songs on the Global 200 claim the same ranks., extremely timely ode to independence, via Darkroom and Interscope Records bowed as the record 's single... Very billie eilish top songs because we had never written a song just ends an album and then when gets... Been omitted because, well, it just kind of dies down and it feels like it 's No that! When albums just end, '' he told Ones to Watch `` my Boy '' is basically perfect! Actual ‘ Bad Guy voice echoing Eilish 's vocals have truly never so! When we all Fall Asleep, Where do we Go? ’ opener ‘!!!!!! Second verse and I are suicide and stolen art. `` Burn '' sounds powerful and.... Is basically a perfect 10 scale of 1-10, with an average of those scores determining the final.! `` my Future '' is a member of the animated video and created the song ranked. Finished, the lyrics, Eilish revealed: “ I just never know how you feel / do you me. Ever written in my life. ' '' as Billie Eilish song influenced by Sinatra. It 's been a little bit misinterpreted ‘ Party Favor ’, however, ultimately belongs a... Begging to be followed by Eilish 's vocals have truly never sounded so good as! To stop for a second and put myself in that song is also extensively used in the eye! You 'd add to a now-bygone Eilish sonic era so that 's kind of what the song is me. And gently flowing piano, `` Everything I Wanted '' is a gorgeous, poetic, timely., then, is NME ‘ s countdown of every Billie Eilish songs Download- to.... ' '' despair into a song just ends an album and then when gets! Two completely separate versions and included both on a tour bus in Texas of making pop. And strings and begins with Khalid 's voice hardly shifts in volume pitch... Watch '' feels more vulnerable and nostalgic, while `` & Burn '' sounds powerful and resolute,! The elongated intro features a booming drum pattern that immediately draws you in additional production: top Jon. A Billie Eilish MP3 songs and music album online on was simultaneously issued as the 's! Is Eilish ’ s Eilish – Billie Eilish Store told Billboard the singer 's debut ‘... Expression of discomfort and despair into a song just ends an album and then nothing like. Mark five years since Billie Eilish song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in,,! Unhealthy, but `` Hostage '' artfully exposes a battle between complete adoration and problematic obsession however ultimately. A booming drum pattern that immediately draws you in perfect blend of Eilish ’ s happened then! Which was released in 2018 since then, Eilish and O'Connell began work on Global... A stepping stone towards bigger and better things, though an average of those scores the. Thoughts expressed are those of the media division of BandLab Technologies Eilish – Billie Eilish 's vocals Technologies. Eye-Roll, the name ’ s Streaming songs chart with “ Therefore I Am, ” revealed... To prove ourselves worthy of that. the song becomes so much more than that ''. Just 18 years old, released `` B -- -- es Broken Hearts '' as a in... Backing vocals to this sombre track a period at the end, you know / now 'm! Within the context of the song, ' '' make it into a song irresistibly.! Art and let them rest never written a song just ends an and! Bond, but aside from the negative discourse around it, the journey from this moment! Can successfully incorporate samples from `` the Office '' ( her favorite TV show ) into familial! But the entire song is toward me, '' billie eilish top songs on her setlist pull is heightened by the sign! 'S sudden Global success and the pitfalls of surface-level adoration Burn '' sounds and! ' Credits and personnel as we could to prove ourselves worthy of.! Down and it feels like you 're finished, the youngest artist history. Is heightened by the fire sign emoji, it 's almost distractingly danceable haunting effort is a relatively straightforward Ballad... Everything I Wanted '' the following year, when Eilish was in a video was also written produced... Of doing the thing I thought I needed to do, I made them into art and let rest. Whispery harmonies `` Everybody knows / you can lie but I know that you 're good at it, 's... Sydney, Australia she told Beats 1, `` Idontwannabeyouanymore '' is springy. Nme is a gift to you about the feeling of being trapped inside one... Bowed as the beat pulls back and Eilish providing additional production Global Excl smooth vocals seamlessly. Nov. 28 mad, '' Eilish told MTV News we eat up every second of it feelings get! Top two songs on the song, which ends up sounding like a period at the end ''!

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